Official 4:21 Membership Garments

Official 4:21 Membership Garments
The 4:21 Family asked, so we delivered!
4:21 Official Membership Garments are here!!

421 (Total) limited edition "Members Only" garments are your tickets to the future of Experience Branding. These aren't your typical "T-shirts" & "Hats". These garments grant you ACCESS!

(Memberships are already produced & packaged)
(Meaning all sizes are limited, first come first serve, to be fair)

   "Access to What?" You may ask... ACCESS TO ALL THINGS 4:21 BLTN of course!
For many of you familiar with our brand, we put massive amounts of effort into providing, exclusive, unique & one of a kind experiences for 4:21 family. Examples include; Stoner friendly events, celebrity meet & greets, exclusive listening parties, even free quality smoke & MUCH MORE!!

"How does it work?"
Glad you asked! 

As seen in the pictures, the QR codes located on both, the back of the neck & the hang tag, will act as your "admissions ticket", interchanging & updating as events/offers/perks are announced. 

That's right. You will be able to scan the QR code & your ticket/voucher will appear for whatever the current benefits allocated to 4:21 Members are. 

...and, Yes. The hang-tag will also work as a +1 when applicable... 

...did we mention, that the garment itself is luxury quality, comfy, with a phenomenal fit?...

...if that wasn't enough, just wait until people start complimenting your new swag...

...Yes. This is an insane deal. Yes. We are aware that the $40 price point is not monetarily profitable for us. As some 4:21 Members received roughly $500+ in benefits in 2023, via access granted through their "Banana Mac Experience" hoodies & "First 100" garments.  

Do we care? Only about you guys. 
Community is what we are here to build. 

At 4:21BLTN, we don't aim to make people "feel" special, we make them actually special. Period. 

We believe the future is bright for this 4:21 Family. These Official 4:21 Membership Garments, are only the beginning. 

So what are you waiting for? Choose your Exclusive Membership Garment Today while supplies last! (Only 421 Members Garments available in total, 350 in T-shirt form, 70 in Hat form, 1 exclusive, top secret Chase garment to be announced privately to qualifying members  ;)  

As always, thanks for believing in Us & continuing to support our vision for a DOPE & brighter future!

- Big Love from the 4:21 Pres. 
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